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Real Estate Transactions can be complicated.
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An Abstract is more than a compilation of documents from the County Clerk’s office. Compiling an abstract requires a search of our own independent index of recorded documents that must be kept current, a check of all property owners during the time period certified to ensure there are no liens, judgments or pending cases against them, and a search of all property owners and the land to be certain all property and personal taxes have been paid.

Our services provide piece-of-mind as we guide you through the abstracting process.



Abstracting includes all documents filed against a certain piece of real property, a search for judgments and liens for every owner of that piece of property, and a search of the ad valorem taxes for the property to be certain that all ad valorem taxes have been paid. Abstracts can include surface documents only, mineral documents only, or surface and mineral documents. We compile abstracts for Kingfisher County, Oklahoma.

Buyer’s Checks 

This search ensures that the buyer in a transaction does not have any outstanding judgments or liens against them that would attach to the real property before a new mortgage.

Special Certificates

This report comes from a specific date requested showing all instruments recorded against the property and owners. It also provides the status of the ad valorem taxes.

Certificates of Title

This report shows the status of how the title is held to the property and any outstanding liens or judgments against the property and owners. The search begins with the last vesting title instrument.

Unmatured Special Assessment Certificate

This certificate shows any outstanding Unmatured Special Assessment that is unpaid at the Kingfisher County Treasurer’s Office.

Tax Sheets

Tax Sheets give a break down of the assessed value of the real property and the current ad valorem taxes and estimated taxes for the property when available.

Ownership Reports

Depending on the request of the customer we can search a given distance around a parcel of land and give a detailed ownership report as to those properties along with addresses. Usually vary between 300 foot and 2640 foot ownership reports. We can also provide mineral ownership reports, however, we do not certify to the royalty, overriding royalty, or working interest owners. Please consult an Oil & Gas Attorney for those types of requests.


The Closing is the most interactive part of the real estate transaction where documents are signed and the property is conveyed. Our closers also take care of starting to have title problems cured when they are found by an examining attorney.

Title Insurance

Title Insurance helps protect you from loss of your property due to many problems, including problems with past conveyances, legal descriptions, and other similar items. For a detailed list of what Title Insurance can do to protect you, please contact our office. We use First American Title Insurance Company.